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#1 11 years ago

Sheesh :rolleyes: Im only just picking my copy of Stalker up today and it makes me laugh about all the cries for help within the game already. I find it difficult that people arent even giving it a week of play before screaming , im stuck im stuck lol Possibly you are, but the official release date is only today in Europe :)

As for all these 'spoiler' threads , imo they shouldnt even be posted , ok i shant be reading them and we dont have to, after a fortnight of release date possibly, these sort of threads could go up.

Spoiler thread posters on same day as release is just for bigheadedness imo, oo oo ive finished the game already and ill put up the game from start to finish.

Some arent even being said in subject as a spoiler, i opened up one thread having not got my copy yet, and got to 3/4 lines telling me about the game.

Could mods address this please ?

Ok i dont have to read threads, but then that would mean not reading ANY.

Ill add trainer threads to my gripe too, game just released and trainer needed ???????????

Play the game !


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#2 11 years ago

Its hard to get stuck in this game. Its like getting stuck in HL2. Even when you get stuck, you usually can't go forward for other reasons like no good weapons, etc. The main quest is ok, but I find most of the other quests boring and pointless.

Also zombified stalkers suck. They still shoot at you, so its like facing a slower/retarted bandit. Snorks are cool though.

In terms of RPG playability, compared to Gothic 3, Gothic wins all the way. In terms of FPS and Story, HL2 wins over Stalker.

Stalker isn't that special. Still a good game, but I expected better after 5 years. The AI is better than the other games though.


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#3 11 years ago

Gothic 3 wasn't even playable for me, big disappointment after all the hyping that it would destroy oblivion.

Stalker offers a good mix between FPS and RPG and is refreshing in it's size and AI. I like observing stalkers attacking a bandit outpost. And some places (like X18) are incredibly creepy. HL2 is still a better game but it is more shallow than Stalker. I like the fact I can trade, upgrade my weapons and suits, have stamina, use artifacts to increase my stats etc.

The following is not spoilerish in my opinion but just in case I use the tags if people really want to go into the game without knowing anything.

Spoiler: Show
Also thank God for everlasting flashlight, I played through the first level of X18 with nightvision but it was a bit lame when I turned it off and used my flashlight it was brilliant. It's been a long time since I played a game that has such a creepy and foreboding atmosphere. Controllers brrrrr.

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#4 11 years ago

The game has been out for 4 days in the US, so naturally people are going to need help.

And yes, they should post spoiler tags but most do not. I will try to catch any spoilers if I can.

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#5 11 years ago

Ok i thought first release was 23rd March.