I can't load save games in NPP without clash to desktop -1 reply

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#1 9 years ago

I have to start from autosave again and again, Monolith is tough, last night I was in a few last teleport and I got killed, I wasn't able to start from my last save (Tele #4):bawl:


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29th September 2008

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#2 9 years ago

Sometimes ShoC savedgames became easily corrupted. Especially with 1.0003 or 1.0004 patch. Try patching up to 1.0005 or 1.0006; even if those patches are multiplayer patches, ingame play IS different. Also make multiple saves from point to point. Xray engine is far from perfect, and NPP is suffering from a large number of objects and NPC's. Try saving not so close to them, especially with 'dead' bodies. This could be also problem with accidentally left/mixed mod files, if you have any, or if you had haved any and then deinstalled them. Check if there is something left. Some of the weather, sound and/or graphics (textures) enhancing mods are likely to cause problems when entering NPP. NPP is, more or less, final test for the mod, and if it is not just-a-ballistics-and-AI mod, there is some probability for a game to crash upon loading saves which seemed to be OK. And, as final, update graphic drivers for your video card, of all of the crashes to desktop some 30% are graphics issues. For a more detailed answer, you should post here (or somewhere else, if you are not satisfied with the answer) the Xray engine error log file. It is usually located, depending of the OS you run, around main ShoC folder. :cya:


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#3 9 years ago

thank you for the respond, I finished the game saturday (good ending) but it was hard to run those telepor. The games still doing that, I got to start from autosave, I'll keep checking with new drivers for my ATI 4850