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#1 12 years ago

Some times when I load a saved game it just either crashes with an error message, and sometimes crashes with out one. Not all the time, seems mostly when I do some kinds of things, like save anywhere near the arena, or save while doing a big mission.

I also have the problem that the game is missing all subfolders other then the bin folder.

3rd problem is a small one, but my PDA's personal logs and other stalker's logs are green. I'll look at them, they'll go white, and then I'll check again later and they're all green again. Just for the PDA logs tho, nothing else.

I'm using Custom Weapons, Trader, Transport and Endurance mods.

My computer's specs are duel 2.4GHz CPUs and 3.25Gigs of RAM. Brand new Video card HD 2600XT ATI gfx card. Thanks for any help you can provide.