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#41 14 years ago

I am running an AMD 64 3400 2.2 gig on an asus a8vdeluxe mobo, 2 gig RAM, an Nvidia 7800 gs oc overclock agp card and I am running this game at lowest lighting setting with everything else maxed out. But as soon as i set it to the next level of lighting and everything else minimal i run smooth looking in some directions but when i look at other certain directions i get a horrible drop to 1 fps. I know my machine sohuld be able to do more. When I first bought this game retail without patch I loaded it up full dynamic lighting and about medium settings and it ran perfectly up to the end of t he game. I sooooo hope they optimize for agp users like me. I mean I know its agp but its still a very decent video card.


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#42 14 years ago
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.;3643276A page file is usually double your RAM, but im not sure if having it too big could hurt

Too much swap file is not harmful to anything but your hard drive space. But considering no single 32bit process can use over 2Gb without using PAE, then it doesn't matter how big you set it beyond 2Gb unless you intend to run more then one memory intensive applications the one at a time. Technically, 32bit OS supports a full 4Gb, but because it hits the hard limit there, it forces PCI-E resources into that space. For every PCI-E bus (not lanes, full bus) you lose 256mb approximately. Since most boards have at least 2 PCI-E busses (some higher end boards have 3 and the very most expensive have 4), those resources are lost to your Windows memory count because it's no longer usable by the end user. This is why some people see 3.5Gb, others see 3.25Gb, and a rare few see only 3Gb when they have 4Gb installed on a 32bit OS. Older AGP systems have the similar issue that the AGP texture buffer is counted against system ram too, if your below 4Gb physical, it'll go to swap, but if you have a full 4Gb installed on an AGP system, the AGP resources comes out of that. Any attempt to push beyond the 4Gb limit results in PAE mode, a terrible laggy method of using ram.

64bit will allow you to exceed the 4Gb limit and also pushes the resources for the PCI-E bus out past the 4Gb barrier if your combined swap +physical mem has enough space to do so.