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#1 13 years ago

My single player experience was flawless, the game only crashed once and that was from constantly alt-tabbing.

Multilayer.. is another issue: *Some servers take over 4 minutes to join *Some servers show a chopped up sky box and thats it. i hear gun shots see player progress via who shot who but thats it no in game menus pop up. *Some servers- player models and weapon models don't appear!

*All servers will cause this 5-20 second horrible lag spike of death regularly every time i play online yet not show up as latency. Everything i have tried to stop it has failed. :( i even tried a load program to see what happens yet up and down data rates stay exactly the same. (is there an in game net_graph like in the hl1 engine :) I'm running the radiation edition and my pc runs the game full detail fine, so core2duo 2gig ram 7950 gt Xp home. If anyone can help it would make me a very happy person!