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#1 8 years ago

[COLOR="red"]Game : Stalker SHoC Patch : 1.005 Mods : OL 2.2 + Arsenal RC1 Merge[/COLOR]

Here are the questions.I passed X16 but on the map it says "get in to x16". I had subtask from Voronin.The RG6 Grenade Launcher mission.I have already gave it to him but the marker on him still there and it says "give rg6 to general" :confused: I managed writing a script about Voronin problem and it has worked but now i can't do it.(I have lost the file)

Here is what i am trying to do :

[COLOR="red"]Script File : bar_rostok_tasks.script[/COLOR]

if has_alife_info("mil_task_rg6_done") then level_tasks.remove_location(507, "green_location", "bar_voronin_name") end


[COLOR="Red"]Script File : yantar_tasks.script [/COLOR]

function has_labx16_documents (actor, npc) if info_id == "yan_x16_documents_gain" then level_tasks.remove_location(907, "green_location") end

I tried both but couldn't do anything :bawl: