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#1 11 years ago

Hi, I have a very big problem. Since I installed S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on my new pc the game is almost unplayable when I try to play in Full Dynamic Lighting & Maximum details, I am able to start a game but I have less than ONE Frame per Two sec same the video (with the death truck when you start a new game) is laggy. It dont lag with only the static lighting activated. Usually a 8600gt is suposed to run stalker perfectly with all on max but i'm only able to play with all on minimum however my old Ati x1600 was able to run stalker with Maximum setting So what my problem coul be?? My config Intel quad core Q6600 (4x2.4ghz) Nvidia GeForce 8600gt 256mb 3072 Mb of Ram 500Gig hard drive Running on Vista


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12th June 2007

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#2 11 years ago

It could have a couple of reasons, first is I think that STALKER doesn,t really works well with Vista and second you might not be that eager to play at max graphices. I also have a 8600 GT and ive i put everything on high the game is also getting slower like ones in a while a framedrop and over 5 minutes for loading a game. So I would suggest to put it on high (not best) and just like some things with fulldynmale bla bla ligthing.


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#3 11 years ago

a 8600 with settings set to max. there is your prob. i have a 8800 GTS 320 MB & BIT i have settings at just below high, it runs smooth. this game requires SICK resourses to run and play smooth. i would be interested to know what it takes to run this game maxed out. maybe if you run the 8600 SLI (get another card) it would be better.

i say start low with the settings and slowly bump it up. when you see the FPS and lagg is gettin to much stop or back it down.