patch 1.004 corrupts new saves !! -1 reply

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21st April 2003

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#1 12 years ago

i never had any problem with Stalker, but, i still install every new patch, you never know if it can become even more better. but, after installing patch 1.004 i suddenly have major problems with my auto and manual saves. the old 1.003 saves work, but when i now save all is well, untill i stop gaming and close the game down. when i then at a later time want to go on with my latest saves the map load process stops right at the end, just before the map/level starts. nothing else, other then install Stalker fully again, and then again all patches over it. then it works again with those latest saves, untill i stop playing and start again. i tired to not install patch 1.004, but keep it at 1.003 then i can't use the saves that i made with 1.004. what makes that i need to start the game from the beginning. i get realy sick of this problem, because i have installed everything for 4 times now!!>

what to do, please help, and it doesn't matter if i use the shortvut key (F6 or F7 i believe), or use Esc. and then choose the save option. both saves are not working well.


(have asked on many many forums for this, but no one asnwers.)


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6th August 2007

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#2 12 years ago


Maybe you should play with 1.0003 only.. If you're using some mods, beware many of them don't work with 1.0004 patch.

Another thing : do you wait enough time when exiting the game ?.. like 1 minute or so. The game can then free the memory.. Do you have some background softs running ?.. like anti-virus, printing, chat or so.. Try disable them before playing.. Anyway, do a full check of your system, beginning with a scandisk..

.. and I do hope it's a genuine version of Stalker.. If not, then check for trojans or backdoor viruses.. :uhm: (eh.. only thinking :D)