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24th February 2009

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#1 10 years ago

Hi folks, this is my first post and i would really appreciate some help! I Have become a big fan of Stalker SoC and recently decided to try my skills online. I have single player running nice and smoothly so thought it wouldn't be a prob. When I click on network game I can see the list of available servers. I click on one to join, all looks good but then i just get returned to the main screen! A message breifly appears but too quickly for me to read it. I have patch 1.0006 (which matches the other servers) and am running on Vista (booooo!) I've been playing BF2 online with no probs (after lots of messing around with punkbuster) and can't wait to play this online. I havn't installed any mods as yet so don't know if i need to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've googled high and low for an answer but no luck yet. Whoever manages to help i'll do my best to return the favour!