Problem with Family Rifle quest -1 reply

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#21 12 years ago

Darn! I was told the mission was bugged and could not be completed. I had spent hours looking for it previously and went on a forum. I'll give it a go now!



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28th October 2004

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#22 12 years ago

Go into the tunnel in the wild territory thats right next to the helicopter crash, (the tunnel with all of the big electricity anomalies in it) it's at the end of the tunnel in a large steel case thing, you're looking for a regular double barrel shot gun... no idea why they call it a rifle...

Anyway, I'm sure you have already found it by now, but in that exact same tunnel you can find a desert eagle and an upgraded desert eagle that fires sniper rifle bullets instead of 45 acp. You can find the guns on the only dead body in that tunnel and next to it in a metal container, inside of it there is a little box (you have to break it open) .

Also! there is an extremely rare artifact in that same tunnel as well! It in near the very front of the tunnel on the right side in the back of a truck.

Lets see wut else :uhm:..... ok! Check all of the guys bodies that you killed when you saved the scientist dude right out side of that tunnel where you got that family rifle. There should be a rocket launcher on one of the dead loners.

Wild territory is scary as hell to play at night, at least I think. There are monsters all over the damn place....only at night though...