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#1 10 years ago

Hello everyone.

I've got a problem with one of the early Freedom quests. I'm running the 1.0004 version of Stalker and the Faiakes 2.4 mod.

I'm supposed to attack a bunch of Duty stalkers in a nearby farmhouse. Okay, when I'm done killing everyone there, the remaining Freedom guys return to their base but the quest does not update. 'Max' isn't doing anything, just keeps sneaking around the farmhouse and tells me we'll talk when the Duty guys are dead. I triple-checked, every last one of them is dead but he won't talk to me.

Any hints? :uhm:


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#2 10 years ago

Same thing happened to me. Another time Max was killed early on in the fight. Could not advance without going back to an earlier save and redoing it. I put three barrels of Gas into the little Hut where all the Duty stay. Then proceeded to get the quest from Lugash and talk to Max. When they are headed over to Farm juste run ahead and then Ignite one of the barrels with gunshots from a distance and You should have killled them all and completed the quest before Max and company have arrived. They will walk around commenting on the Carnage and what a good job they did but eventually they will return and reset to their place inside the Freedom camp. Actually when the quest is done just go back to Lugash. He will forward the quest for you. Using the Gas will keep your Duty faction at Neutral or Friendly what ever its at.


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#3 10 years ago

im having the same trouble i tried killing them before the quest that didnt work i did the quest then ran infront of everyone then killed them taht didnt work did it like you would like normal and that didnt work i dunno whats goin on