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#1 9 years ago

I'm really sorry for doubling my question, and even making additional thread. Initially I've put it in the "known problems" section, but it seams no one looks there, so no answer in fact. My problem is: my Stalker games (yes every one of them) stopped to launch after installing Asus Xonar D2X sound card in my PC. In fact I do know, that the real problem is some kind of software conflict in my Vista 64. But as for now Asus didn't make any driver or patch which was able to alleviate it. Currently there is only one solution: remove the SC, delete (as thoroughly as possible) drivers and software, enable on board codeck (ac'97) and play. Same history is with Mass Effect, and couple older games. Is there anyone, who knows someone, who is able to give me a reasonable advice? Cause I've been to too many discussion boards, with no effect at all. :Puzzled: PS I am not going to throw the sc out of my window, because I really like the sound it makes. PC: Vista 64 HP, Core i7 920, ram 3GB, NVidia Gforce gtx 260



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#2 9 years ago

Hmm not sure, i've not used that hardware. But maybe an upgrade to Win7 would help.


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#3 9 years ago

Thanks for some words. Well I think it's a dead end any way. The problem, as I see it is about Vista 64 and Xonar D2X and probably another D's. However neither Asus nor M'soft don't want to admit that such things happens, it's been proven some hardware configs just won't go with some games. And as it seams it cannot be resolved by any software means, so I've decided to take an old (IDE) hdd sys it with XP and make it the second sys drive in my PC, and make it BIOS switched. If there in the Universe is someone with better idea please respond:cya: