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30th April 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Hey there,

Since I can remember with ShOC, I have had an annoying shadow graphics bug. When I pan, I can see distorted shadows drawing randomly on the ground. Check these screens to see how the shadow distorts and follows the camera POV:

ss_hazza_07-10-08_13-24-24_l05_bar.jpgss_hazza_07-10-08_13-24-30_l05_bar.jpgss_hazza_07-10-08_13-24-36_l05_bar.jpg(I added spoiler tags because I forgot to resize the 1920x1200 pics)

Spoiler: Show

Also, the draw distance for detailed shadows is very small. It seems shadows 15+ feet away are really low res:

Spoiler: Show
Spoiler: Show

Is there a tweak I can apply to the user.ltx to fix this annoying and game ruining bug (sounds extreme, but they really are spoiling it for me).