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#1 11 years ago

Im using the Stalker Arcade mod with version 1.0004 and im having a serious problem. The game crashes when i'm in the Military Warehouses (Freedoms base.) The error report says this: Expression : Ran out of memory Function : TW_LoadTextureFromTexture File : E:\stalker\patch_1_0004\xr_3da\xrRender\Texture.cpp Line : 132 Description : D3DXCreateTexture( HW.pDevice, top_width,top_height, levels_exist,0,t_dest_fmt, D3DPOOL_MANAGED,&t_dest ) Any ideas? I cant really play the game with this problem, so help is greatly appreciated.


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#2 11 years ago

thats a problem with the mod itself, stalker arcade has a few bugs i think try using the no_prefetch command line and turn the textures setting way down in the options, then see if it crashes.


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#3 11 years ago

This problem is only with videocard ( out of memory ) or missing "-noprefetch" command in shortcuts... @otorojikku - some others bugs ???