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#1 12 years ago

when i extracted the files i went back to make sure the game still worked but when i tried to play it it said error cannot open fsgame.LTX file any ideas on what i could do to get rid of the problem?



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1st October 2007

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#2 12 years ago

Hey dude

dont know if its gonna help you but fsgame is the file you need 2 edit for mods to work

soo maybe you havent changed Game-data false__true(or something)

to Game-data True__true

Cheers :beer:


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6th August 2007

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#3 12 years ago


By 'extracted the files', do you mean : - installing a mod ?.. then read the txt/doc file to be sure to put all stuff in the good folder; - extracted the dbx game files ?.. then they have to be extracted in another folder than Stalker-game; - ??? something else ?..