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#1 12 years ago

so hello there i got stalker a few days ago and started playing right away. i love the game and the whole atmosphere. but i bet you all love it to.

so, on to the questions, am on the garbage level, inside the factory helping another stalkers repel the bandits attack, and i need to go pass the bandits outpost to reach the agronom level. so, should i kill all the bandits and then take their goods or just try and sneak pass them? if i keep killing them, do they keep coming? i mean, is it possible to kill them all off? so i can roam around their camp quietly and safely?

in the overall game, what does happen in this situations? i mean, lets take for example the bridge between cordon and garbage, if i kill all the soldiers will more soldiers keep arriving or do i kill them for "ever"?

another question, i read about mods, i guess it means modifications, but to what degree do they alter the game itself? how can i use them?

thank you all


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#2 12 years ago


Welcome to our world.. :cya:

Sneak or kill.. Good question.. It's up to you.. If you need money, kill 'em all, take their goods and sell them. If not, kill them and leave them all for wild animals.. :D (just take ammo. Tip : put the lying weapons into their backpack to reduce lag). Anyway, all npcs and wild animals do spawn after some time (like 6 game-hours IIRC).

Now the mods : it goes from the 'basic' mod (just modifying, for example, the texture of one weapon, or the way medkits heal, or the way you jump) to full conversion mod (same Stalker game with same story but with new textures, new weapon stats, new everything.. :)) Check the forum for mods, download one or two (or all of them if you want..) and read the txt file for installation.

That was quick answer.. Have fun, Stalker