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#1 12 years ago

Good day to you all. I am an avid fan of SSOC, It is basically one of the greatest games i have played, Well, when patched up and modded with OL. Now, out of nowhere I've decided to try out AMK, so I uninstalled, and stripped my computer off all the STALKER files. But when I reinstalled, I can't run STALKER. I keep getting a bug, and it's just not working, If anyone could run over this: Expression : I Function : CInifile::Load File : D:\xray-svn\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp Line : 166 Description : Can't find include file: Arguments : weather_blowout.ltx

Edit: AAH! I fixed it! I'm so sorry for bugging anyone! I just run as Admin ¬¬ I'm so very sorry! Could someone delete this thread?

And give me a help? I don't know where to find that, but surely I shouldn't need a weather_blowout.ltx if i'm not running a mod with blowouts involved? Please help. I'm DESPERATE to play! :(


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#2 12 years ago

It seems strange that running as admin lets you run the game. Here's a guess:

I think AMK has blowouts of its own, and might be needing that file. It is possible that it is dynamically created in the STALKER installation directory by AMK itself -- but in Vista this type of self-modification is not permitted unless you have admin rights. (This is also true of XP, but the default user has admin rights.)

Edit: It may be possible to give the program permission to write to that directory, even if not running as admin. Maybe a Vista user can contribute a way...