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#1 13 years ago

hi everybody.... i wanted to ask if could somebody help me by localization of an error...:o first of all yes i have many mods installed which sometimes corrupt each other but im a very patient modder (modder is the wrong word i just put mods together :p) so i make always sure that the mods that conflict are putted together properly so that they work :nodding: so pls dont post here comments like "u should start from the begining and put them together again" cuz i have already solved tons of problems with my mod pack and i dont want to do it again plus im sure i can handle this error too if you could help me a little ;) ........................... so here we go: my problem is that enytime a zombie attacks me and hits me the game simply crashes ><>><> it has probably something to do with the thing how the body of the actor (me) reacts if he is hitted (no error by shooting hits) the error mesage is: FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : assertion failed [error]Function : CSafeFixedRotationState::create [error]File : d:\xray-svn\xr_3da\xrgame\phvalidevalues.h [error]Line : 81 [error]Description : dBodyStateValide(b) ----------------------------------------------- just post a comment here if u know where could the source of this error be would ya......................please? :D thx


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#2 13 years ago

Not sure mate, but I know there are ph values determined in actor and creature ltx's for the creature/actor mass and the impact of melee attacks in the case of creatures. I think the line : [error]File : d:\xray-svn\xr_3da\xrgame\phvalidevalues.h ... refers to an error created by trying to reference an invalid physics value somewhere. My first attempts to locate would be to check all ph values in any zombie or actor ltx you are using, maybe compare them to values from vanilla, if you can extract these? Try doing a search within those files for "ph". Just a thought, no guarantee!!!