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#1 9 years ago

Staff are needed for Silent Hunter.

Your duity will require you to register at 3-4 forums, such as aced of the deep, sub sim, and the official ubi forums, because right now nobody is really comming to us for mods, which means we need to go to them. Track monitor boards for releases of new mods and request permission to host.

In some cases, old mods may not contain readme's with the authors name or what is required to play them so it's going to take a bit of extra work testing and repacking some mods with basic information. Some missions made for stock 1.4 do not work in stock 1.5 for instance and this community hasn't had a standard structure for releasing mods, and in some cases their release threads contain the info if you can find it.

There is no ripping of other DL sites...anything not submitted to us requires permission to host unless clearly stated in the release thread for others to help distribute.

All mods must have some type of credits/author to be anony's, and a requirement, as there is the stock game, with the free patch to 1.4, and a second release of the game which requires you to buy it containing the uboat addon called v1.5, and the supermods are generaly not compatable with each other so it's important to know what a mod is "for".

Obviously, there's going to be a bit of work involved here, I gaurentee no boredum. lol

So if you fit the requrement for FN staff and can handel dealing with the above, you can contact me directly by pressing the PM or adding to my username and emailing me.