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7th January 2011

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#1 7 years ago

Hey all. I bought Sins when it first came out and I have loved it ever since...however I never really got "good" at the game and have only won about 10 scenarios (bad, I know). So I have some general questions..

When you start off, what should you build, and what should you not build? Where should you devote most of your resources? Ships? Planetary upgrades? What is the best way to manage resources?

Basically covers everything..


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25th January 2004

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#2 7 years ago


Tip 2: As far as what to build first, I always go with a capital ship factory, then as soon as its done a colony capital ship, then a compliment of 5-7 frigates to start going out and colonizing. Beyond that, make sure you've got you're3 capitol fully upgraded, and start building those research structures so you can give your ships an early edge, and be ready to colonize arctic/volcanic planets if your early fleet encounters them.


Tip 4: Keep your fleet as fully upgraded and BIG as possible.

Tip 5: Dont focus too much on capitol ships. Frigates and cruisers will win the day, but also don't underestimate the power of the capitol ships.

Tip 5: NEVER underestimate the combat power of fighters/bombers. Especially as advent and TEC, focusing on a fleet with good strike craft power can make a huge difference.