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23rd October 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Do you have a problem with your game? Need a hand? or Just some helpful tips on how to improve the performance? Then ask the experts here. All we ask is you help us, to help you... To do this, please be patient, we will try to help each and everyone of you as soon as we can...We know where great, but we're not gods...Yet=p Secondly, please follow the forum rules found here Thirdly, respect others around here, and they will respect you...Lets not start a new community, lets eXpand on the eXisting community, to do that, we must all be nice, polite and best of all, we must all have fun! Lastly, please provide as much detail as you can to your problem, the more detail we get first time around, the less we have to ask, the less you have to answer, so the faster you get your problem fixed!! Cheers Guys! -Pilla


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#2 11 years ago

The Game loads up normally with the full intro movie and everything but when i get to the menu screen there is no cursor i can navigate these with a bit of patience, the player setup screen has no pictures even in the icons they are all just colored squares and when i do actually load up a map to play on the entire background is one cloure mostly white. As far as i can tell the camera pans zooms and rotates just fine also there are no buttons on the screen at all during gameplay this isquite annoying to me can someoneplease help and it seems like such a great game if i could actually pay it

One more thing i have asked my friend who has the game about this and even with the things he gave me (.net framework 2.0 and directx 9.0c) and having a better processor than him it does not work. My other friend says that my graphics card is good enough to play it so i dont know what the problem is.