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15th July 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hey Guys I play SOF2. Im 27yrs old and i play with [TmoS]. TmoS is a clan that has members that are from all walks of life from all over the world. We dont discriminate and we dont cheat. We just like to have fun playing the game and we have made alot of friends doing so. If anyone is interested in joining [TmoS] you can go to and make a profile for yourself in our forum. Next go to the part of the forum called Join TmoS and leave us a message describing yourself and your interest in joining the clan. you will see that after making this post you will be greeted (almost instantly) by alot of the members, welcoming you to the clan. One of our leaders will then contact you. We practice together and play other clans regurally. You dont have to be an excellent player to join. Some clan only allow the best players to join but all we ask is that you play with us and stay active with us and this WILL MAKE YOU A GOOD PLAYER, if your not good already. Well i hope to see some new people joining in the future as a result of this post. We are celebrating 1 year as a clan this month and we are rapidly growing as a clan. Our server's addresses are as follows

[TmoS]USA osp DM Server This is where you can find us most of the time.

[TmoS]King of the map (a public server that we play a interclan match on once a week. We play a DM game with all clan members and the winner gets posted in our forum and congratulated by the rest of the clan.) This keeps interest in the clan high.

[TmoS] CTF osp public (a public capture the flag server that we play CTF on.)

Well see ya in the game.