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29th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

I just started up a SOF2 clan called Delta Squadron. I have had 5 + years of experience leading clans in games such as TF, TFC, Firearms, and even Red Alert. I am looking to get a clan started ASAP so that we can get league experience before the wave of new clans comes, and since this game is new, now is the time. Its hard to have a clan without a server however, so I will not recruit anyone until i have access to a server. I am a starving college student, and have no money to buy a server, otherwise i would. If you have the money to get a server, or already own a server, PLEASE reply to this and I will talk to you about my plans. You of course are under no obligation if you reply to this, but if you have any desire to join up with me then please dont hesitate. I garuntee you the clan will only recruit dedicated, skilled members, and i am an EXTREMELY dedicated leader. i spend on average, 5 + hours a day working on clan stuff, and often put it above my normal life.

The current site is it will be soon, i am in the process of coming up with the sums to pay for the domain. The clan will be organized very well, and i garuntee every member will be expected to uphold fair sportsmanship.

PLEASE respond to this, or email me at [email][/email], or aim me at Tovlakas. I look forward to any responses!

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