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6th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hey! My name is Bullet Sponge and I need a clan! I feel that I am a very good player and can compete with the best Soldier of Fortune 2 players online. My last clan was [bbb] but I have decided to quit the clan because I never play with them. To check me out or if you want to give me a trial, post your I.P here and I'll join that server as soon as I can or please e-mail to my inbox @ [email]bullet_sponge_uk@yahoo.co.uk[/email] or add me to your msn as [email]neonsadam@hotmail.com[/email] . You will probably find me playing on the United Dictators server as I am a regular there. Please offer me a lan position as I really wanna play clan matches again. Oh! and one more thing Im best on Urban maps! (Hong Kong, Kamchatka 5 etc) don't liek those n()()b ass other maps like columbia! Hope to here from some one out there!

-Bullet Sponge :mepimp:


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30th December 2002

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#2 17 years ago

wow man you sure have a big ego saying you can compete with the best..

try www.clanbase.com for a clan

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22nd February 2003

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#3 17 years ago

Hey BS, <--- Ha, Bullet Sponge initials are what I say all the time while I play! lol Anywho, I have seen you play and I think you might have even punished me handily a few times. I have started a clan called {$!TH} sick in the head, I am currently the only active member but I am descent at tdm, ctf, inf and dem and I am trying to find players to join and train in the ways of the slaughternaut. If you want to join check out www.sithclan.4t.com . I could use someone to help with finding good recruits!

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