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19th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Yo yo!

Aiight, straight to the point, we is an old clan, but we wanna broaden our horizons, we wanna get enough players to join CB! We seriously think that we got a good chance of getting pretty high rankings on CB!! We are [COLOR=red](S.O) S[/COLOR]atan's [COLOR=red]O[/COLOR]fficials!

We need 2 more players before we enter clanbase!

if you wanna join, you must - [COLOR=darkblue]* be a decent enough player, coz we wanna chance of winning sum matches. * Be in the UK (If you really wanna join and yoy aren't in the UK then emial us tellin us about urself and if we like u, we may consider takin u n e way ;)) * Have MSN messenger, we use this to talk mostly. * Wanna have fun!! We have no rules, it's all about laughs![/COLOR]

check out the site and see wot you think, it's a fairly new site. Add on MSN........[EMAIL][/EMAIL] or email for a position.

Also check out the (S.O) Trials page on the site, you will laugh, trust me!