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1st August 2002

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#1 18 years ago

im a sof fan n have completed sof on the bloodthirsty mode. now im playing sof2 mp beta but honestly i'm looking for better players to play with to enhance my skills. :agreed:

i dun feel ashamed to say i play using mp beta coz i feel im not gd enuff to use the original to play with the best.

i dun noe y most ppl want ways n means to get into a clan but maybe they want to share something in common. so i also want to find out more abt clans and given my skills i want to also get into one and experience the feeling of being brothers-in-arms :rock:

ppl who r interested can contact me []here[/EMAIL]

also ppl who had seen me play or knew my nick one way or another can pass on ur views to me, be it gd or bad.

thank u for ur time and gd dae to yer. :cya: