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17th August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

ok anyone in here that can help me with the way a waterfall is made? i am fairly new to the map making world but i am learning gtk radiant at a pretty good rate. however i am stumped in a major way on the waterfall effect. i was told that i need to add water_fall texture with a moving water texture, all i can find is water_col_fall. and i have several moving water textures providing a moving water textures is one that moves in the map. i have put the two side by side i get a solid box and the water texture next to it. i connect enities it has no effect. i have put the water fall texture inside a hollowed out water texture and it still does not work. no matter what combo i use i get a solid block with teh water texture around it or beside it depending on where i put it. the waterfall is a key feature in themap i am trying to build so it is fairly important i get it going. although if i fail in doing so i will have to figure something else out but the water fall is thebest answer to the set up i have going in that area of the map. can any one help me on this. and please don't just say put this texture with that texture or tell me to insert a script without saying where the script goes. if i need to connect the two brushes please let me know how for connect enities isn't doing it.