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25th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I m a newbie in GTK Radiant 1.4 i was create a map with a swimming pool. This swimming pool has stairs. after creating swimming pool i was create the water on top in different brushes for complete fill the swimming pool I was test the map in sof2 and it was a bug graphical bug with textures not appear ! How to merge different blocks of brushes and textures to create only one blocks for lighting the map and not have this bug ?? In CSG operation i can't because merge function can merge two blocks of brushes with the same height and the blocks in my swimming pool are different because stairs inside Another question For create a sun i must create a light or just the texturing of the sky add this ? If i must create a light with what height ? What power ? Thanks for the reply


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8th August 2003

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#2 14 years ago

hummmm I 'm not sure but i think it is not possible to merge brushes (only paths).

I quote: "after creating swimming pool i was create the water on top".

Thats wrong: the water brush need to be volumetric so it fill the pool in deep too.

The sun, or moon and stars, are elements of sky texture. Ligths dont have shape. Anyway, by adding some ligth near the top of ur skybox u can modify the intensity and the color of sun/moon radiation :furious: .