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6th July 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hehe, this might sound strange but i'm looking for a map-mate. Someone who wants to map with me, so we can make a map together perhaps. U all know making a good, big map costs loads of time and concentration, and I could use a little help. I already began with a map now, and i'd like it alot if someone wants to continue that map with me. To begin with, we'll just see how the gamers like our map, and then we could perhaps start a project. U don't have to be a certain age, for your information: i'm 15 y/o. I'm roughly familiar with GTK-radiant (Note: I prefer someone who is familiar with GTK radiant, and not the standard Radiant from raven.) So if anyone wants to map with me (please understand this correctly, I want to map WITH someone else! this is not just a call for help) just post a reply and we'll see what happens after that.

Regards, Paul - [ABH] Wolverine

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27th November 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Hey, I'll give it a try. I'v been working very hard learning how to use GTK Radiant. I'm already making a level. Well, actually, that's all i do. :P At least 10 hours a week!! Really, ask my gf. :P You can email me for more info at [email]malditoguero@yahoo.com[/email]