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26th February 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hey if there are any mappers out there who want a great map for ctf and inf then look no further.

I'm trying to recreate the Black Hawk Down theme for SoF2, the skins are perfect, the BHDver.3 are perfect and all I need is somali skins, to make the black hawk down theme complete character wise, but on to you mappers. Could someone make the map mogadishu bakara market as seen in the movie, you could add a downed chopper for the marines to defend and have the somalis try to take the case out of the chopper. It would have to be dusty, if any1 has seen the movie then you'll know it a first class map idea.

and secondly could someone make the map Ia Drang Valley from We Were Soldiers, it would start in an open field then move into a woodland area then into a viet cong base (like the columbia maps.) it is on a hill, if you seen the movie you'll agree it ace for ctf and inf.

please if your interested then email me at [email]solid_snake_zx@yahoo.co.uk[/email]

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2nd February 2003

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#2 17 years ago

Actually DeltaForce: Black Hawk Down, by novalogic does the BHD theme better. but yea, doin one for sof2 sounds good too.