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17th July 2002

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#1 19 years ago

hi, ok im going to explain what i wanna do, i wanna do a Resident Evil mod for SOF2, i think it can be really great... ok, me i dont know how to do skinz, and maps and things but im doing website, and i can lead the project as long as itll take, so i need skinner, mapper, modler, and guy who wanna do the project too, it can take a couple of months to finish it, but it couldddddd be great, i have pictures of weapon we need, picture of every skin we need (front and back) even profile sometimes, and for maps. The website will be on internet soon, if someone wants to be of the resident evil project write me on : [email]snapvirus69@hotmail.com[/email]

tell me in what u wanna do, and if u have sample of "old" map or skin or whatever u wanna do, send it to me, please

i please everybody to not write me at my email address to have news about the project i will not write back, we will have a chat soon on our webpage, so if someone wanna know information he just has to come on it, thank u