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31st August 2002

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#1 18 years ago

I just created a new skin and am now attempting to replace Mullins with my skin in singleplayer (i hate mullins...damn redneck) so i edited the mullins.npc file to make it use my skin and i changed the inventory bolt-ons so that it looks right but on certain levels the cutscenes don't work, the prague missions taht start with cutscenes don't load properly, when the game starts, i'm dropped into the map but unallowed to do anything but move around and the game refuses to begin the cutscene and teh actual level until an enemy sees which point it loads the custscene and the real probs the prague 'street' level it shows the door opening but my characte isn't there and it does nothing...then if i try to skip cinematic it says skipping cinematic but does nothing more after that and because of the infuriating way that sof2 won't allow alt-tab, ctrl-esc or ctrl-alt-del so my only option is to use the power button on my comp. Has anyone any ideas as to what might be causing this? i know for certain taht it's only when my edited .npc file is in use that this happens. The snow, jungle, non_combat and urban_gear ones work ok (but urban_gear doesn't show my skin/model correctly no matter how i alter the bolt-ons :( ) but young messes up.. Any help would be appreciated.