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28th February 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I was wondering when i skin the socom how would i go about putting the silncer on and have it work?




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22nd April 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Can you code? A skin just changes the appearance of the texture, but can't add new parts to a model. The silencer is added in the code and it's also the code that modifies the model's behavior. So, if you can't code it into the game, you won't have it.


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8th February 2001

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#3 17 years ago

Well, in case of the SOCOM it can be done "easily"... the SOCOM comes in a few different version (used in SP). With editting SOF2.wpn you can pick another model, but you will have to change the sounds manually....

These are the settings (sof2.wpn) from the silenced SOCOM from Goldrush:

weapon { name "US SOCOM" displayName "WEAPONS_NAME_USSOCOM" // model "models/weapons/ussocom/world/ussocomworld.glm" model "models/weapons/ussocom_sil_MS/ussocom_sil_MS.glm" safe true rank 0.1 oneHanded true cvar wp_ussocom category 2 // pistol menuImage "hud/weapon_icons/ussocom_icon" menuImageDual "hud/weapon_icons/ussocom2_icon"


// new school attack { ammoType "0.45 ACP" clipSize "12" damage "45" muzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_ussocom_final" lockFlashToBarrel false silencedFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_silencer" muzzleSmoke "effects/muzzle_flashes/smoke_m4" 3rdPersonMuzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_pistols_inworld" ShellCasingEject "effects/shell_brass_small" EjectBone "ejection_USSOCOM" inaccuracy ".05" maxInaccuracy ".05" range 8192 volume 0.75 kickAngles "1 5 -2 1"

mp_damage 40 mp_inaccuracy .25 mp_maxInaccuracy 2.0 mp_animFire "TORSO_ATTACK_PISTOL" mp_extraClips "3"

fireModes { mode1 single } }

altattack { ammoType "none" damage "15" melee blunt range 64 volume 0.1

mp_fireAmount 0 mp_range 60 mp_damage 70 mp_gore yes mp_animFire "TORSO_ATTACK_PISTOLWHIP"

fireModes { mode1 auto } } }


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13th June 2003

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#4 17 years ago

:bows: Im in need of some humble guidence

1.i love my MP5's (mostly becuase i love sneaking up on ppl and i constanly walk around with a tent) and i was wondering if some 1 could tell me how to remove the silencer on the Mp5 or where i can go read up on how to remove it.

2.I also want to be able to give it flash like the ak-47 and m4. there a shareware or free program tht would allow me to build my own guns then import them into the game???

All or ne assitence is greatly appreccated :drink: