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2nd November 2002

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#1 15 years ago

damn it lol i need a new crosshair... i was trying a weapon toggler script or something i got no idea... it messed up my crosshair.. ive reinstalled the game.. but shit i got the same crosshair... i need a crosshair HELP!!!!! link below shows the 2 crosshairs and how they look like... i want the 1 that looks like a snipers crosshair... where can i get it

well ive re-installed but i guess probly the cross hair i want , the 1 i had and used b4, probly got it from some mod /skin or something and cant find it no where now... so im looking to skin my own cross looking for a .pk3 file but still cant find anything... i checked the models.pk3 file and there only weapons, items, and flags and some other shit... the draw crosshair might work... but.. sof2 has already 4 default cross hairs... 1: a dot. 2: no crosshair. 3: that shit crosshair i showed on the screen. 4: the same crosshair as the previous 1 but different color.... so if anyonw know how to make a crosshair or where i can find that other corsshair or something... make a reply...


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9th October 1999

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#2 15 years ago

You can completly delete the whole game with every file. then you reinstal the game only putting on the files u know what they do