So, i'm a newbie and i need good answers and no jokes. -1 reply

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1st December 2002

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#1 16 years ago

OK, hi everybody.nixweiss.gif First i read all the tutorials about mapping and editing. I realized some weapons skins (that was easy):smokin: But now i would like to try harder with a soldier skin. So, im looking for some one who is patient and cool to explain me step by step HOW TO SKIN A SOLDIER. I would like to know how to make a map too. I tried Radiant, but there is no textures...:confused: So, if some one has another tutorial or time to explain me... contact me on msn or by mail in order to simplify things. [email][/email]

I hope that someone would be cool enough to help me. Excuse me for english mistakes. And have a nice day or night...:rock:

Help me please before i died 1034641785.gif


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11th November 2002

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#2 15 years ago

For learning how to skin players, go to GDconnect and go to the SOF2 mapping section. There should be a tutorial on skinning players.