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12th August 2002

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#1 18 years ago

This mod has just recently been decided to be done, and details are still being worked out. We've got a solid base of a team, and a forum for the team up, not much else.

Description: The Soldier of Fotune 2 Blasphemy Modification is a modification set in a futuristic, post nuclear enviroment, where 2 distinct groups among the remaining humans have formed, whom are still at war over territory that is still fit for civilzation.

This will begin as a multiplayer modification, with one base gametype: Reseach and Development. In this gametype, members of each team will collect Univerisal Building Materials (UBMs) that come in two flavors, defensive, which improve armor, and the less common, offensive UBM which increases accuracy, power, and effective range. There are no plans to do a single player at this point, but it has not been ruled out.

Right now, we have: 2 Coders 2 Skinners 1 Moddler 1 Mapper

We are seeking a third skinner, a second mapper, skinner, and possibly even a third coder.

If you think you could assist in any way, or would like to offer some general feedback, post here or e-mail me through this forum.

Updates with info about a website wil be posted as soon as avilable.


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31st July 2002

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#2 18 years ago

i'll map for you guys :) :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: