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#11 17 years ago
succorsoHi, I have a sound file (wav) that i want to loop in a place in my map. I used target_speaker and went to Entity and in the key value typed "sound" and in the value field I entered "sound/mymapname/sound.wav"

If im to understand u correctly, u made a target speaker and in key value u typed "sound". This should be "noise", not "sound".

The target_speaker should also have a "targetname" key with a value of the trigger multiples "target"

U will also need a trigger_multiple with a "target" value.

e.g u should have something like the following:

Trigger_multiple "Target" "a"

Target_speaker "Targetname" "a" "noise" "sound\ursounds\urwav.wav"

Click the "looped-on" box to have it always on a loop Sry, i very rarely stop by, u prolly solved this by now.

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