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24th March 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I think that SOF2 MP, by nature, offeres less functions ( game settings etc. ) than the SP. I feel that its probabley because more functions results in program completity. Bottom line is that SOF2 MP is awsome because of the FAST game play. In SP the enemy AI is quite predictable not so with the 100, 000,000 varibles with the REALTIME and dynamic MP game. I guess if they offered the same features in MP as they do in SP, the game ( especially with alot of fragers on a huge map ) would slow considerably. What I was wondering is if all of the SP weaponary and gadgets could be made availible for SOF2 MP ( guns, gernades, night vision, thermals, and binoculars etc. ) I have already changed ( just rename and the replace files with different ones. The SMOHG92 gernade to look like the MDN-11. It still is the smohg92, it just looks different in my hand. I would like to be able to throw the L2A2 or the M-67 instead of just one type of gernade. NV gogles would be fun of dark maps. Does anybody know how to this? Thanks H2S04