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26th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hey. I recently starting playing SOF 2 and I joined a server "THE BIG HOUSE" that had me download files called...

osp-clientside-0.3o-BETA.pk3 z_ultimateRadio.pk3 z_UltimateRadio2.pk3 z_ddk_real_Damage _mod.pk3 ect.ect.

(All of these files are put in a subdirectory called osp)

Once this downloaded a few things looked different. A picture that looks like a movie theater drink with a + next to it and some other stuff. So anyways, I began to play the map, about 3-10 seconds in I would freeze and have to restart my computer. I tried a different map and the same thing happened.

so I deleted the osp folder and now when I try to join ANY map, the server tries to download those files.

Anyone know what I should do that does NOT have to make me reinstall??

Thanks -Choch


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2nd July 2003

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#2 16 years ago

does this happen with all servers? if its trying to dl the osp then you are at a sof2 osp server. try another server that is not osp.