How do i block cheats and m4's from my server?!? -1 reply

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3rd March 2003

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#1 15 years ago

I just recently formed a clan. Called #SFS# (Special Forces Squad). We are rapidly expanding. We have a few people in our clan, including myself, that set up our own servers. the problem is people come in using all kinds of cheats, and m4. I hate people that have to cheat, and I really hate the m4. If anyone knows some kinde of code or patch that will eliminate cheats and/or m4, please contact me. Visit my clan's web site ( Please post any replies if you have any. Feel free to look up my server, ususlly it's named "#SFS#_Crazy-Shit_. My name on SOFII is (#SFS#_Captain_EtownSOB) Thanks for your time.


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2nd November 2002

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#2 15 years ago

1st of all if u dont want cheats, u should d/l 1.03 patch lite or gold depending if u already have previous patches... 2nd, enable pb on ur server... so that everyone joining should have pb enabled too, 3rd if u dont like m4 nades or usas or rocket, u can just disable the weapons since ur the server admin, or u can make it more fun and go to and d/l a mod that makes the m4 have no nades, or another mod that makes rocket users or usas user raise their hands up when they try to shot.... ive joined server running these mods... its fun shoting ppl when they raise up their hands lol...