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16th August 2002

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#1 18 years ago

hey, I am working on a new map and I have downloaded all the software for maps in SOF2 and I make maps for other FPS game but I have a question about how the maps are setup. I am using Gmax Tempest and I have downloaded GTKradiant and I am making my map in normal GMAX and I am wondering If I can use my gmax map, open it in Tempest and then save it and open it with GTKRadiant. Is that possible to do? and how do I add all of the triggers. like weapon spawn, Person Spawn, Doors opening, ammo etc and how can I make ladders work do I have to download a addon for any of these? Gmax/Tempest/GTKRadiant and I am going to show some of my started building in GMAX and I hope to release the map as soon I as I learn how to do all of this. and one more question how cna I add weapon models to the game? UlT1MaT3