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23rd October 2002

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#1 16 years ago

First of all lets begin with the weapons.

New weapons that should be added: Magnum 44,(go blow some ones head of), the good old pigsticker insted of the can opener in sof2, Minigun (predator style :-)] flame thrower from sof1 , slugthrower , the mpg (it just rules) axe (a must have for all fps types, i think its so strange that almost nobody uses it.) chainsaw ( dooms most igenius thing) the rocket launcher from sof1 (why need onewhencan have four?) silver talon (single player), all one hand guns dual, silencer for the sniper ( noisy is best ,but not all the time) Heckler and koch, taser ( shock them to the yellow foam shows :-)) ) Katana ( its slice and dice time ) and of course the regular weapons from sof2 should still stay there.

I have more on my mind but these should hold for now.

No to the gameplay.

Lets begin with the violence. for eksample i you shot of the leg or an arm of your enemies they should not die at once, they sould rather suffer than die, i think it would have been cooler ( dont get me wrong the game is violent enouf as it is, but i would just been fun to have this thing in it)

A special kills mode in custom game should be enabled ,with features like slow mo and funny messages on top of screen for each extraordanary kill and of course some new medals to gain. slowmotion would altso been cinda cool in single and multi too.

Ability to ride cars,choppers tanks and so on.

John should say funny things like duke nukem does.( ill let your fantasy figure out the rest)

an list over where you have shot your enemies during the mission. ( not important but a nice feature) --------------------------------------------------------------------

If somebody finds this mod interesting reply as fast as possible.

The mod will likeley never be made but if it one beautyfully day will, i will shoot my best friend, his name is spike ( voff, voff)

But if somebody will make mod with just few of the features- i will just overfeed him:-) (VOOOOOoo...)

Thank for reading this! :rock: