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19th June 2003

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#1 15 years ago

hey all i just submitted my 10th or 11th file to called the red and blue fire huds. i hope these huds are popular cause i worked really really hard on em and at one point had to scrap and start over.

anyways i just had a question. for my hud i used the glass huds' white lettering courtosy of fragger. i then tested this hud in a nonpure server and it worked fine the white text was right on and everything. i then exited that server and joined a pure server. the entire hud showed up fine but the white text did not. any reason as to why this happens?

btw is any1 here good at making radars cause i sucka whole lot

thanks for listining. i hope you download my huds. btw there all one file and the files 4mbs sp i hope thats not an issue thanks

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