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22nd July 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I am trying to get my automatic high jump and auto crouch boind to work to no avail.

Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong.

// generated by soldier of fortune 2, do not modify unbindall bind TAB "+scores" bind ENTER "+use" bind x "+goggles" bind , "+moveleft" bind - "+zoomout" bind . "+moveright" bind 0 "weapon 10" bind 1 "weapon 1" bind 2 "weapon 2" bind 3 "weapon 3" bind 4 "weapon 4" bind 5 "weapon 5" bind 6 "weapon 6" bind 7 "weapon 7" bind 8 "weapon 8" bind 9 "weapon 9" bind = "+zoomin" bind \ "+firemode" bind ` "toggleconsole" bind a "+moveleft" bind b "ui_outfitting" bind d "+moveright" bind e "+leanright" bind f "drop" bind g "ui_radio" bind j "messagemode3" bind k "messagemode4" bind m "+movedown" bind n "ui_team" bind o "ui_objectives" bind q "+leanleft" bind r "+reload" bind s "+back" bind t "messagemode" bind v "+moveup" bind w "+forward" // Advanced Crouch Lock & Jump Crouch Combo set md_01 "set crouch vstr md_02; +movedown" set md_02 "set crouch vstr md_01; -movedown" vstr md_02 // Default

set jump "vstr md_02; +moveup; wait 4; -moveup; wait 4; +movedown; wait 4; -movedown"

bind c "vstr crouch" // Crouch Lock bind space "vstr jump" // Jump Crouch bind y "messagemode2" bind ~ "toggleconsole" bind UPARROW "+forward" bind DOWNARROW "+back" bind LEFTARROW "+left" bind RIGHTARROW "+right" bind ALT "+strafe" bind CTRL "+attack" bind SHIFT "+speed" bind DEL "+lookdown" bind PGDN "+lookup" bind HOME "+mlook" bind END "centerview" bind F1 "vote yes" bind F2 "vote no" bind KP_NUMLOCK "+autorun" bind MOUSE1 "+attack" bind MOUSE2 "+altattack" bind MWHEELDOWN "weapnext" bind MWHEELUP "weapprev"


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#2 14 years ago

You cant do that in your sof2mp.cfg... you need to do that in your autoexec.cfg.

But why bother to use scripts for these simple things??

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2nd November 2002

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#3 14 years ago

Your crouch and high jump scripts should be in a .cfg file of there own, you then assign a key to run the script i.e. bind J "exec jump.cfg" and so on.