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9th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Once Again a MP hair scratcher for Sof2 Hex. :lookaround: Is there any site that i can get short commands that I can type in the console when I pull it down in MP, in both running/playing on a server or just in someoneselses game. Like show fps, change name, hide ping and so on.... As well I thought there was a setting so I can allow ppl entering my running server to download the maps so the can get in if they dont have 'em. They should be able to if they dont have the maps I do , Right :confused: Hope to find out real quick, cause I like all am eger to be it rocking :naughty: Truley in the road. Cya out there :cya:

PS if ur in Dc check out :dance: Gate-ToEternity.dns2go.com :dance: