does realy anybody know about MS visual C++ runtime library runtime error? -1 reply

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#1 17 years ago

So after posting my last thread i realized that there werent much reactions to it so ill try this new one and please check it out cause i wanna play reaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!!! bad .

OK this is what i get :

MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ RUNTIME LIBRARY RUNTIME LIBRARY Runtime error! Program: ...files\soldier of fortune2-double helix gold\SOF2.exe abnormal program termination

After this when i press the ok button it jumps back to the desktop and my whole screen is lit up whiter then normal.And id like to add that its not in multiplayer that this apears but in single , i dont know if this will apear in multi but i dont have internet so ,i think also that updating my punkbuster wont help cause i read that the punkbuster is for Multiplayer on the internet or is isnt it??????? I tried: installing new drivers reinstalling the whole game going back to store for a replacement of my video card reintalling windows XP pro :deal: