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16th February 2003

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#1 15 years ago

My connection is a standard cable internet connection, yet my ping is still horrible (about 200 minimum). Is there anything I can do to help out my ping? I have nothing else running while i play the game and I have the graphical settings set to a minimum. Any suggestions at all would be appreciated.

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2nd November 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Your ping is affected by what you connect to ??

A server in your own country would give you a lower ping !! also what connection you got 512k / 1mb ??

set your rate to 11000 :seta rate "11000" find this line in your sof2mp.cfg located in base/mp folder

Altering your grafix setttings will not affect your ping, only the quality of the grafix, there a few mods on the soffiles site that boast about lowering your lag/ping try one of those !!