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#1 15 years ago


How Do you change timescale??!?!?!I type timescale 0.4 in console (speed i want) and it says cheat protected:uhoh: . WELL DUH ITS CHEAT PROTECTED HOW DO I CHANGE IT?!! :mad: . I even set rconpassword and type rcon timescale 0.4 says the same thing.......timescale is cheat protected......I MIGHT START BEATING UP PEOPLE.....:fistpunch: .I MIGHT EVEN RECRUIT PEOPLE TO BEAT UP OTHA PEOPLE ->:spank: <-:lol: .

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#2 15 years ago

What does this have to do with the sof2files gaming server.

This is for tech assistance with SOF2Files server only.

Try posting in General, you'll get more replies