LAB3 - Can`t get thru that vent shaft?? -1 reply

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3rd April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I am trying to figure out if I am in the right spot here. So far I did put a bomb at two generator and blow them up.

I did see that vent on the other side of the room and blow it. So I went thru that broken window and crawl alongside but as I use my C key or M key to down or crawl thru, I just can not get thru. Am I right here or this is only a diversion and I am not at the right spot?

Any help, advice will be appreciated.

Thank You



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22nd February 2003

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#2 17 years ago

You need to hold down the key to lie prone and crawl. It is different than the crouch key. The default key to crawl is "V"