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21st April 2003

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#1 18 years ago

Whenever I try to start a Lan game I get this error:

"WON ERROR! Please Insert SOF cd and try again"

Which of course the cd is in. The funny thing is, I can JOIN Lan games but not CREATE a Lan game.

So I think an easy fix, Ill just uninstall and reinstall, so I pulled a complete uninstall from the reg and so forth and I reinstalled with my CD, and my cd key ( the game is bought)....same thing.

So I do the process over again and again, no go

Now I have ran this game for 7 months before and no issues, so now its been working for a month since I reinstalled it and I get this message.

So I have 2 other copies of the game, I made for my roommates, they are of course copies of mine and they use different CD keys.

So I said what the hell, tried installing with their cds and cdkey, still not happening.

The other pc's at home do not have any such problem and are working fine.

I also made sure each time I uninstalled the game, I removed the installation folder, I even tried updating the game and running a no_cd patch.

Sorta frustrated, figured maybe someone on here may help.